Monday, August 29, 2011

The Furniture in our Home

I was thinking the other day about some of the pieces of furniture in our home and how many of them are pieces we've received as a form of inheritance or just hand-me-downs. So I thought it might be kind of fun to go through all my furniture and explain where we got it from and such.

Round Table- was my great-grandmother's, passed to my grandmother. She gave it to me about 7 years ago after I'd told her I loved the table.

Couch- from David's old boss when he divorced and got rid of pieces that the ex had bought ie. this couch, about 8 years ago.

Brown leather chair- we bought this chair as a Christmas gift to each other about 4 years ago right after moving into this house. Bought at discount in the "as is" section of a local furniture store. Has a light dent in one of the arms (you can't really tell).
Living room end tables-I got these (2) from my grandmother after she passed away 2 years ago, I'm not sure when/where she got them. They have a leather insert on each level with a wood surround.

White leather chair- from David's parents when they were upgrading this style chair about a year ago.
Black Stool- my father-in-law made it in shop class in high school. David used it growing up and brought it to our marriage. My FIL painted it black when David was a teenager. Currently holds a plant I got when Trey was born.

Piano- from David's grandmother who received it from her late daughter (David's aunt). David plays (like his aunt did) so his grandma thought he should have it, we got it about 7 years ago.

T.V. dresser- I bought this off Craigslist about 2 years ago (when Trey was starting to get into all the DVDs that were in open storage)

Sofa Table- from my parents when they didn't have room for it, about 8 years ago. They had it when I was a young child. I stripped and re stained it several years ago. It's currently in storage.

Steamer Trunk- from my grandparents who received it from their late sister-in-law who used it as a child around the turn of the century to travel. My grandpa had it "redone" years before I received it about 8 years ago. I've painted it a few times.

Entryway Table- I bought this from Hobby Lobby about 6years ago because I loved it.

Dinning room table and chairs- received from my late grandmother about 2 years ago.
High Chair- was David's as a baby, a great wood piece. My MIL gave it to us about 7 years ago. Trey used it as well.
Secretary- from David's parents who received it from his late grandparents. We both fell in love with this piece and his parents finally gave in and handed it down about 6 years ago. We had my dad do some minor repairs to it.

My desk- birthday gift to me from David (and Goodwill)

David's desk- from our friends the "K's" when they downsized their office

White microwave table- from the "K's" when they didn't need it anymore about 7 years ago. They had it for their microwave when they first got married. I currently use it to hold/store crafty supplies.

Black chest of drawers- from David's late grandparents. Part of a set. While we were engaged I painted the set a blue (it was a dingy white) and a few years later painted it black. It's currently in our office closet holding office supplies.

My Hope Chest- from my parents as a high school graduation present. My dad built it after I picked out the wood I wanted and finish and style of chest. (all my sisters got the same gift just customized for each). It's currently in the office closet.

Changing Table- a gift from my parents while prego with Trey. I saw the plans in a magazine and my dad built it for me (my sister painted it). Love this thing!

Recliner- bought while prego with Trey. I wanted a chair in his room to rock/nurse him in.

Chest of Drawers- mine since childhood, part of a set. I refinished it a little bit before getting prego with Trey.

Toy Box- from my parents. My dad made it for my youngest sister when she was a child. After having Trey they gave it to me (and my sister didn't need it anymore or want it).

Night stands- from David's late grandparents. Part of a set.

Dresser with mirror- from David's late grandparents. Part of a set. The mirror is currently not attached and in the garage. Originally a dingy white and I painted it red (while first accidentally painting it pink)

Bed- we bought 1 1/2 years ago, it currently doesn't have a headboard (working on it!)

Vanity- mine since childhood, part of a set. I refinished this about 2 years ago.

Small table- I bought this at Goodwill for $5. Originally bought it for next to the recliner in Trey's room. When I received the occasional chair I moved it here and love it there.
Occasional Chair- from my late grandmother. It used to be in her bedroom and was an awful orangy/pink velvet with a skirt. At the last minute I decided to grab the chair because I liked the shape and size (and no one else wanted it & it was ugly). I had it recovered with some inheritance money from her, I thought it was very fitting and it reminds me of her.

Full sized wood bed frame- mine since childhood. currently in storage and I have not refinished it yet. it will be Trey's bed someday.

Child sized desk- from my mom, I think it was hers as a child but I'm not positive. Currently in storage.

2 Wood chairs- I bought both of these early in our marriage at thrift stores. They don't match, one is an old dinning room chair that I recovered, the other has a damaged cane seat. Both are in storage.

Crib- bought while prego with Trey. It's currently on extended loan.

Well I think that's all of it! I love furniture and that's why I have some pieces in storage. Someday when I have a bigger house I'll have it all out.

Ok, here's some fun facts:
Pieces my Dad built- 3
Pieces from David's family-9 (includes pieces brought to marriage)
Pieces from my family-14 (includes built pieces & pieces brought to marriage)
Pieces hand-me-down from non-family-3
Pieces bought-10 (includes used and new)

My favorite pieces are:
round side table- because my grandma saw how much I loved this table and gave it to me herself.
Secretary- it's just a beautiful wood piece
Hope Chest- because my dad made it for ME
Occasional Chair- because it was my grandma's and I made it my own by recovering it.

David's favorite pieces are:
Occasional Chair- because it reminds him of my grandma (they had a special relationship).
Secretary- because it's always been in his house growing up and playing with it & it's a great piece
Piano- because it was his aunt's and he loves to play it.

I love that most pieces in our home haven't been bought, that they are special to us and each has a story. There is character in these pieces and they certainly aren't perfect.

I love that the pieces we have bought are mostly used items so they too have character. Only 4 pieces have been bought brand new and one was our bed/mattresses.

I love that the furniture doesn't "match" which adds character as well to my decor and the feel to our home. I love our furniture and how we've acquired it.

So, is most of your furniture bought or hand-me-downs? Do you love your furniture? Do you have any special/sentimental pieces? Please share!

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