Monday, August 15, 2011

Outside Lights

I'm a little slow in posting about this but it's not as exciting so it got pushed back. We did this back in May when it was WAY cooler!

I'd noticed that the lights on either side of our garage doors were looking very grey and weathered. They are in good shape but just needed to be freshened up a bit. They also needed a good cleaning. I just picked up a can of black gloss spray paint.

The before without the glass or bulbs.

I had to wait till evening to work on them because of the heat and the wind. Both would be calmer by then. So I started dismanteling them and thanks to my favorite helper David made the job easier. He actually took all the glass out of the lights so I could wash them.

After that, I started taping off the brick and siding so I wouldn't get shiny black paint all over them! This part took the longest. I hate prep work....

Anyway, after prepping I got to paint! My favorite part! They instantly looked SOOOO much better!
By the time the paint dried (didn't take long it was still hot out) and the clean glass went back in and new bulbs were installed those babies shined! At least I think they did because when we were done it was dark!

But I looked at them the next day and they shined and the black paint popped nicely against the grey/blue brick. Our realtor told us when we moved in that black accents would look great on this house. I agree!
I love the way they turned out!

Comments make me really Happy!

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