Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Total Score!

This weekend we hit a neighborhood garaged sale. We like checking them out every once in a while but it's been a while since we'd been to one. We had been out walking the neighborhood on Thursday night and I spotted some boxes of mason jars as they were setting up. So I decided to go check it out the next morning.

Trey and I walked over and sure enough they had 4 boxes of different types of mason jars. As I looked through them I spotted a diamond in the rough, a turquoise Ball jar. I think I snatched it up quick so no one else could grab it! And they were all marked at $.50! Well I also picked up about 4 more.

We've been trying to collect mason jars all year in hopes of using them for canning/storage and some decor ideas from Pinterest. So we have a decent supply right now.

Anyway, I told David about it and he asked why I didn't get more (ran out of cash). So on Saturday David came with us to check them out. They were then marked down to $.25ea and it didn't look like any had been sold since I bought on Friday. The homeowner saw David looking at them and offered him a box for $1. We bought all 4 boxes!
Here's the breakdown:
Total spent $6.50
Total jars- 67
Total Quart size-21
Total Pint size- 34
Total 12oz size -12

That's a little less than $.10 ea.

We gave my mom all the 12oz size and 5 quart size and are planning on keeping the rest.  We will of course have to buy all new lids but I hope to do that a little at a time through the winter and spring to have them ready for hopefully a great canning season and anything else we want to store!

I love getting an awesome deal and this one totally was!

So what was the best deal you ever got at a garage sale or thrift store?

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