Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St. Louis

So I know I'm late in posting anything this week. I've been trying to recover from last week. Laundry, cleaning and being creative and getting back into our routine.
Last week David had a business meeting in St. Louis and Trey and I were able to go with him. We drove up and stayed in a hotel right across the street from the Arch. It was a very nice hotel but our room was tiny (because it was business we didn't get to choose the hotel). But we're the kind of people that bring as much food with us as possible so we can still eat good stuff and not only meals out. So 3 of us and a big ice chest makes for cramped quarters for 5 days.
 Sorry these aren't great pics, I took these on the day we left, so I had to make do.

Anyway I wanted to share some pics we took while there, and since the arch was thisclose to the hotel we have more of those. If you don't know, the Arch has a kind of walking park on each side of it and so it was a good place to take Trey (ok and me) to go burn some energy.
This isn't a great pic but I had to show it. This is at one of the bases of the Arch.
This is on one of the walking paths next to the Arch.
This is one of the bridges that is over the Mississippi River connecting Missouri to Illinois.
This is the view from our room and one morning it was super foggy and I just had to take a pic. Here's a better pic.
Me and Trey, isn't he cute!
So, while David was in meetings, Trey and I went out around town. We went to Target and Famous Footwear and picked up a few things. I also found a Homegoods, which is not in OK and I love this store! I picked up a large basket for $15 that I put in the living room to hold our quilts/blankets.

And we also went to 2 local Goodwill stores. I know that sounds a bit weird but we love to look around a Goodwill. The first one I found was in a super nice part of town and I thought that I'd find some great stuff. I found lots of (in different sizes) long sleeved tee's from Target with the tags still on. And they happened to be in a pretty purple color that I really like. I found one in my size and then found a sweater, but that was it.

So I told David and he wanted to go too, which I was happy about because I was kicking myself for not picking up another shirt to use to upcycle the one I'd already bought. So we checked it out and I did pick up the other shirt. Oh, by the way, shirts are $3ea (they're $2.50 in OK, but they don't pay sales tax in MO for Goodwill). We also found 4 Dr. Seuss books that we didn't have for $.50ea in great condition.

On another day David wanted to go check out another Goodwill. This one was in a not as nice area but was super big and I found: a cardigan from Banana Republic, a cardigan from Talbots and a long sleeve tee from JCrew, $3ea. I also found a beautiful dresser that I fell in love with but it wasn't meant to be. Anyway, I'll do a post soon on the clothes I picked up on the trip.

We found a great little shop/pizzeria while out exploring. A great little mom & pop place with great tasting fresh food. The shop had some unusual gift type items and wines. The lady at the counter asked what kinds of wines we liked and neither of us has ever found any we like. So she recommended one to try and we liked it. I was really surprised.
This is the bottle we bought.

Well, we had a nice trip but as always we love coming back home. I think our feelings on St. Louis is that we didn't love it but we didn't dislike it either. It had some good qualities and some not so good.

So have you ever been to St. Louis? If so did you like it? Have you ever been to a Goodwill/thrift store in another state? Or on vacation?

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