Thursday, July 15, 2010

Green Christianity

I’ve been really interested lately in being more responsible in my environment. I’ve been reading many blogs and Facebook pages about ways others are being responsible.

I’m a Christian and like so many others we have a knee jerk reaction (unfortunatly) to what “environmentalist” and “tree huggers” have to say. But a couple of years ago I heard a pastor talk about Christians needing to be more responsible with the world God gave us. Well that touched a nerve in me; I was doing a little bit but I wasn’t doing enough. I was looking at the people, saying to recycle and such, like they were crazies. I was discrediting them because I didn’t like their politics/ethics/religion without ever listening to their message. I’ve since changed the way I look at this.

Now I recycle what I can, have a small garden with plans to expand, I use cloth diapers and even made my own laundry soap. But when I tell others what I do (Christians) I get excuses why they can’t do the same, looks that say “I’m crazy” or people saying I’m turning into a liberal tree hugger. I just laughed it off at first but then I started thinking that I was just being responsible with what God gave me. If God created this world and all that’s in it then I as his child should be taking good care of it. I should take more time and effort to recycle, not waste food and water and not use so many poisons (cleaners, pesticides, etc). I should honor what He’s given me and my family. It disappoints me that so many Christians (not all) turn away from doing these things because people we don’t agree with on other issues endorse it. We should be more concerned with being good stewards with our environment, just like He called us to be with our money and children. As Christians we should be the ones leading the masses to take better care of our environment and all that it entails.

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