Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decorating

This year I changed the way I decorated for Christmas. In past years I’ve tried to fill every area of at least my living room with Christmas décor, and most of the time hitting the dinning room and kitchen as well. The tree would be loaded with ornaments and we were running out of room on it. Then last year we had a beautifully curious 18mo old. I had to seriously reconsider what was put out and on the tree. Our tree looked pitiful last year as only the top half had ornaments.

I’d grown tired of too much décor and the feeling of the room closing in. I also noticed that over the years we’d collected quite a range of different Christmas items. We had nutcrackers, snowmen, snowflake stuff, Santa stuff, nativity sets (several), plus tons of random items. In years past I’d have areas where all the nativity sets would go, all the nutcrackers and so on. But over the last 2 years some of my furniture has changed and it meant less surface area for stuff.

So this year I started to reevaluate what I wanted the house to look like and feel like. As I started unpacking Christmas decorations I quickly realized that most of it went right back in the box. I found myself only wanting to put up greenery, candles, and ornaments/beads/bells/pinecones in glass bowls, vases and apothecary jars. David and Trey decorated the tree and they only put up the favorite ornaments, leaving a lot in the box.
My mantle.
Please excuse the blurry pic, my living room is very low light, I have the hardest time taking good pics in there. And please don't look at the ugly rock that is my fireplace surround. But the actual mantle I'm pleased with.

I love it! It feels like the season of Christmas without the overpowering items all vying for my attention. I wanted our home to feel warm and festive and as usual comfortable and a place that David wants to come home to. I think that when I pack everything up again, I’ll reconsider keeping some of the things I didn’t put up. I don’t like storing things that I’m not using or going to use.

Are you being intentional about the way you decorate for Christmas or is it the same old same old?


  1. I'm dreading putting up my Christmas tree this year! I know it will be a constant battle with Lennon and I just don't know if I have the energy for it. I'm thinking maybe I'l wait another week or so. Your mantle is really pretty :)

  2. Well So far the only thing I have up this year is the tree, my table Nativity scene and the decor on the mantle, oh & my advent wreath. That's it!


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