Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Birth Story (Trey) from David's perspective

Their first meeting.
It was the 4th of July, fireworks were nice. We headed back home ready to get into bed. Marixa never really did. Her labor started at midnight. We called the midwives in and for the next two and a half days Trey did not want to come. Early Monday morning Ann, midwife extraordinaire, asked me to pray for Marixa’s labor to pick up and become consistent. The very next contraction after the prayer started her on her way. God answered the prayer. We called Marixa’s mom Bunny and asked her to come over early Monday morning. She sat with Marixa and helped her work through her labor. My Mom & Dad and our friends came over around six that morning. Around 7 we prayed for Marixa’s water to break. Within just a few minutes it had broken. God answered another prayer. Labor continued as they tried to get Trey into position for delivery. His head would come down far enough that they could feel it, but it was determined that every time Marixa would push, Trey's heart rate would drop. Around 11 we prayed again. God had answered two of my prayers almost instantly before. It was my hope that He would answer our prayer for Trey to come here at home. Within 15 minutes I realized that not receiving an answer was the answer. Trey's heart rate was not stable and it was time to go to the hospital. Marixa, midwife Margarett, and I loaded into Bunny's Explorer and we rushed to OU Medical Center. Bunny drove fast, but remained much calmer that I was. We got there quickly ad had to get out of the car a few hundred feet from the door. So, I did what any husband would do, I picked up my pregnant wife and carried her to the door. A very kind man say us coming and brought us a wheelchair. We rushed to admitting. It took some stress away when we got to the hospital because they were able to hook Marixa and Trey up to monitors. However, the stress quickly returned when we figured out that an emergency C section would have to be the delivery method. I was supposed to go back and be with Marixa when she went in for delivery. They had to prep her and I was to be called back 15-20 minutes later. 50 minutes later a nurse with little tact came to inform me that Trey had been born and Marixa was in recovery. She "apologized" for not coming sooner to tell me. I was supposed to have helped delivery my son at home, and not I had missed the whole thing. Emotions swept over me and I lost it. My dad came into our room and had to calm me down. The rage I felt, along with the hurt, pierced me to my core. Where was my wife? Was she ok? Where was my son? Was he all right? What had happened? After I calmed down I made my way to the nurses’ station to find out what was going on. She told me that I would be called back shortly for the delivery of my son. I told her that would be hard since I had been informed it had already happened. She promised me that she would find out what was going on. I appreciated the concern in her eyes as she went to do what she had said. I went back to the room to wait. Within five minutes the door to the room opened. All of the stress that I had felt for three days melted away. The most perfect little creature I had ever seen was handed to me wrapped in a blanket. I had been introduced to my boy. I told him hello and who I was and that I loved him very much. He looked up at me, straight into my eyes and said, " Uh, whah." I can only assume that meant, "Hi dad." He didn't cry. He just stayed there with me. I took my shirt off and cuddled him skin to skin and waited, surrounded by family, for his mother to get there. The wheeled Marixa in within the hour. She had been through 65 hours of hell. God had given us a piece of heaven in return. It wasn't until later we were told the rest of the story. Trey had meconium in his amniotic fluid. He had it in his lungs. When they delivered him they had to revive him. We could have lost him. God had answered my prayers and the prayers of many others. Through it all He had kept His hand on them. They were safe. God watched over us and showed us his love in so many ways. We could visibly see his hand protecting us that weekend. It was awesome. It was humbling. I am forever grateful.

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